How long after waking up did you check your phone this morning? Our research shows that 90% of all people do this within 10 minutes. We’re always on.

Did you know that when you tune out, you boost your creativity? This is where you get new ideas and inspiration to make the best of your (work)day. So tune out. And tune into an Office Concert.


During our Office Concert presentation you’ll learn about the impact of all kinds of interruptions on your productivity and creativity.

We also reveal why we find it so hard to be creative during office hours. Plus: tips and tricks on how to make your office time more valuable.


Your schedule is full. What about taking a half hour to connect. With others and with you. Give your brain a break. And look around you.

You’ll learn it is not only fun, but it will give you new energy too. Standing still for a little bit will make you even more ready to keep moving forward.